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AGAPE Service

Though we cherish our regular worship life, we also take opportunities to explore other ways to worship. Periodically during the year we host a special service in the fellowship hall we call an AGAPE service. 
“Agape” means love and when used in the context of worship meant “Love Feast." It was common in the early church (in the first years after Jesus' death and resurrection) that worship was celebrated in a home, and often a meal was prepared and shared by all. It’s another way to celebrate our Christian heritage and fellowship with each other and another way to experience the gifts and grace of God in worship. 
If you've never experienced this type of worship service with us before, you might want to know: We meet in the Fellowship Hall instead of in the sanctuary. We sit around tables and the parts of our worship including the celebration of communion are integrated with the sharing of a meal. We hope that it is an opportunity to enjoy community together in a special way. 
We are looking forward to our next opportunity to share this feast together - stay tuned!

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