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Indoor Worship every Sunday at 9:00am

Please come out and join us on Sunday mornings at 9am for worship service. All church services have been moved indoors into the Sanctuary. Please be aware of the following protocols that are in place at this time. There will also be a Zoom link/phone number to utilize each week if someone cannot attend in person for any reason.


1.     Masks must be worn at all times while inside the building regardless of your vaccination status. If you are not feeling well, please stay home.


2.     Each person should take their temperature at home prior to coming and any form of a fever, please do not be attend in person and join by Zoom


3.    We will be keeping record of each person who attends in person service


4.     Front doors and doors to the sanctuary must be left open, so dress



5.     Communion, bulletins, and offering plate will be found right before entry into the sanctuary, please take your own before being seated


6.     People will be ushered to specific pews for spacing purposes


7.     Each pew will have a container of disinfectant wipes, you are responsible for wiping down the covers of the hymnals, pews/woodwork you have touched


8.     We will be exiting the church from the front side door of the sanctuary. You will find a trash bin to your right for all garbage. Please exit the building immediately after service and use outdoor space if you would like to stay and visit with another member 


Toll Free Number: 312 626 6799

Meeting ID: 851 8500 5955

Passcode: 072520201

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